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1very good870m
2very good1200m
3very good1500m
4very good350m
1In service925m
2In service135m
3Not running420m
4In service350m
5In service740m
Operating time: 9:00 - 16:00

Map of the ski centre


Number of the trackLengthCamberDeg [°]
1870 m27333°
21200 m28325°
31500 m28316°
4350 m50


LiftLengthUpper stationLower stationDeg [°]Capacity (pers/hour)
1 H 130925 m960 m.n.m.682 m.s.l.33°900
2 S135 m680 m.n.m.650 m.s.l.16°400
3 F12420 m973  m.n.m.859 m.s.l.30°550
4 P350 m705 m.n.m.655 m.s.l.16°500
5 H 130740 m973 m.n.m.650 m.s.l.26°1000


Discover the beauty of Slovakia

Ski centre Javorinka is situated in the southern part of the valley Rajecka dolina near village Čičmany which is famous for its original wooden houses with a characteristic white ornamental decoration.